Saturday, October 10, 2009

San Fran!!

In August Fred and I headed to San Fran for the annual assistant managers meeting! I had never been to San Fran before so I was pretty excited. I was just glad that this year I was pregnant. Our first meeting I was already 3 days over due with Teighlor. That was probably the worst payed for getaway I have EVER been on. I would have much rather been at home in my own bed. And last year I was 5 months pregnant with Kade. So it was a nice change to be able to keep up with people and enjoy a drink!! We also had tickets to see the A's baseball team. Im not much of a baseball fan but the game was a blast. 2 guys ran out on the field during the game and while I found it very funny and amusing... I guess its a huge NO NO!! The last night we were there we had a formal dinner with all the assistant managers from Les Schwab. It was alot of fun and its always fun to dress up! All in all it was a great time and I look forward to going back next year.

China Town

One of the guys who ran on the field

Getting ready to go to the game!

Street performers

Fishermans Wharf

Some very interesting people there in San Fran

Holly's $17.00 drink....

Kylee Goin... I only get to see her like once a year now :( But we always have fun when we are together!


Final Dinner Night. All dressed up!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Strike a Pose!!

Lately my little princess seems to think she is a model. She is so funny! She has a different face and pose for everything. She loves the princess face the best. She is growing up so fast it just breaks my heart.

To Lebanon for a visit and a concert!!

In June the whole family headed to Oregon for some family time. We also scored suite box tickets to see Taylor Swift!! I also love going home to see my family. My brother and his family came down from vancouver and we all got to spend some time together at my parents!!

Its been awhile.....

Wow its been awhile since I have made some updates. Sorry about that. Life has been super crazy busy. Alot has been going on so I will try my best to get up to date!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Many things to update

It has been a very long time since i have posted anything so I have lots of things to say! First off we had a wonderful easter. I took the kids down to the park and Teighlor had her first easter egg hunt ever!! Brian and Holly invited us and I am so glad we went. Teighlor really loves Jordan and they are just too cute together. Teighlor and I colored eggs and that was an experience. She did really good though, the only problem I had was after we colored them i dropped about half of them on the floor!! We have been blessed with visitors lately. I love when my family and friends come down to see us. First my brother and his girlfriend carly came down. I love when I actually get to spend time with my brother. I dont see him much and when I do it makes me realize how much I miss living close to home. Teighlor adores Carly and is always asking for her. For the first few days after they left every morning Teigh would wake up and ask where carly was... it was so sweet! We had alot of fun. Then Nicole came down to visit. I love when she comes down, its always a good time. Then grandpa Ruetsch came down to meet his grandson for the very first time. There is something so just exciting about a grandparent meeting their grandkids for the first time. He is such a good grandpa and adores our kids. Its very hard to say good bye to him when its time for him to fly home. Its really hard on fred. His dad is his best friend and I know he wishes he lived closer. But maybe someday hopefully in the next 5 yrs will we be closer to someones family. Freds step mom aka grandma jill also made Kade a beautiful quilt that I just love. She is very talented when it comes to quilt making. Its so unique and very personalized i just love it! Fred has got yet another tattoo!! He is working on completly covering his leg with ink. But I love him no matter what so if thats what he wants to do then go for it. He also has had 2 procedures on his back in the last 2 months and we are afraid that its looking like he is going to need back surgery. I really hope it doesnt come to that. But I will keep praying that God helps heal his back. Speaking of God our family has started to go to church. We went to a baptist church last weekend, we were invited by freds boss tom. Teighlor had a blast in sunday school and she was so upset when it was time to go. It broke my heart. I need to get her into pre-school or something along those lines so she can play with kids. Next weekend we are going to another church with our friend megan that I think will be exactly what we are looking for. I will let everyone know how that turns out.

The kids are both doing amazing! Teighlor is 100% potty trained, and I must say she did it all on her own. One day it was like a switch flipped on and she wanted to go. We have only had 2 accidents and both were during the day and both were due to her being too busy to go. She hasnt had an accident in bed yet.... thank goodness. She was pretty sick for a while. Throwing up, diarrea all that fun stuff. It was a very long night that night and I felt sooo bad for her she was just miserable. Poor girl. She loves kade and I love to see her when she talks to him. Every morning she says "good morning kade" and gives him a kiss. Melts my heart! He new thing is telling everyone she is a princess!! LOL She is so into disney princesses and her favorite is The Little Mermaid. So we have decided to take her to Disneyland this summer!! Oh i cant wait, she wont know what to do with herself!! Freds dad also bought Teigh a swing set while he was down. Teigh loves it, she loves to swing and slide! Oh and she finally figured out how to get onto our bed! So know i get to wake up to teighlor kissing my face saying "get up mommy" I love it but hate it at the same time... ya know? LOL She really is a great little girl.

Kade is doing amazing. Well except the fact that he has only slept through the night once since he has came into this world.... But I wouldnt change it for the world!! He is such a big boy. I love all his rolls and chubby cheeks. He can roll over both ways and hold his head up on his own. He loves to stand up and try to sit up on his own. Just recently I finally got him to giggle... This is soo funny. We take him to the drs next month and I am not looking foward to shots!! He is just so precious and sweet. He loves him mamma and i love that. Teighlor has always been such a daddys girl i think i have a mommas boy on my hands and its great!!

I have decided I want to go back to school. I dont know for what yet but I know that my brain has started to feel like mush and I need something to stimulate me. I have been on this crafting beinge lately and I have been having lots of fun. My friend Holly and I keep coming up with great ideas now we just need to finish them!! We are all going up to Lebanon in may to visit with family. While we are there Fred and I are going to go on our first date since kade has been born. We are headed up to Portland to see Taylor Swift with my brother and carly! I am very excited, we got suite box tickets so it should be alot of fun. I know that I am missing out on alot but I cant think of it right now.... Im going to try to make a huge effort to post more pics and write a little more.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Last post before we leave

I just wanted to post some new pics I have taken in the last few days before we leave, cant wait to post some when we get back!

Superbowl weekend

This weekend was so much fun. I love hanging out with good friends and having a good time. It started with saturday night our family headed over to Brian and Holly's house to watch the fights and eat some dinner. They have a little boy who is about a year younger than teighlor. They are so cute together, Teighlor loves to play with him and is always so happy when she gets to see him! No matter whose house we are at they seem to pull out every toy in the house and make such a mess, but they sure have fun doing it! Then on sunday it was the superbowl!! Their family came over and since it was so nice out we took the kids out to have some fun. They were running around, playing with the sand (more like throwing the sand and putting in their clothes, hair and mouth!!lol) and just having a good time. Brian cooked some chicken and we just hung out ate some food and watched the game.

Teighlor and Jordan

Holly and Brian

Fred and I


Jordan playing in the yard

Boy Talk


Jordan not too sure about his mommy holding Kade

Watching the UFC fights

Holly holding Kade

Something was funny

The Boys

The kids love Holly!

Teighlor shoving her banana in her mouth lol